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Welcome to Guns N Ammo

Welcome to Guns N AmmoWelcome to Guns N Ammo

Welcome to Guns N Ammo


9:00AM TO 5:30PM 

About Us


Guns  N Ammo opened it's doors in Gardnerville, Nevada in June 2009. Our  goal is to provide the best and most complete selections of handguns,  rifles, shotguns and gun accessories to Northern Nevadans. This  commitment to our customers and their needs continues today with our new  store and convenient location.

Guns N Ammo's cornerstone of  business has always been and will always be, "service". Be it, our  large selection of guns and rifles, our veteran gunsmith and our  combined 100 years experience of hunting in the Nevada area we can  answer almost any question or concern.  

Our New Business Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday from 9a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and our 24 hour a day Online Web Site is available 365 days a year. 
We are located at 1321 HWY 395 # A, just south of the Rite Aid Store. Feel free to call us during business hours at (775) 783-1858.

Our Services



 "Keeping yesterday's and today's firearms running for tomorrow's shooters."

Here  at Guns N Ammo we are very fortunate to have in house gunsmiths. Karl  Fry and Dillon McKinnish attended Lassen College's Gunsmithing Program  for over two years. Karl has been providing firearm repairs and services  since 2000 and prior to that had been an amateur gunsmith for many  years. While he focuses mainly on the repair and servicing of firearms,  he can customize your firearm as well. Karl and Dillon  work on all  types of guns including; rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and  machine guns, antique or modern. Services include; general repair and  service, action jobs, rebarreling, barrel treading for muzzle  attachments, optic mounting, refinishing- Duracoat, parkerizing or  bluing, and much more.  


Special Item Orders


As part of our services, we can provide you

Special Item Ordering.

This offers you, a one on one service with our on sight staff to assist you in finding that special Rifle, Shotgun or Handgun.

Special Item Ordering  is available during our normal business hours

(TUESDAY-SATURDAY 9am to 5:30pm).

Feel free to give us a call!  775-783-1858


Online Stores

Davidsons "Gun Genie"

Sports South "The Shooting Store"

CCW Classes,Firearm Transfers & Consigment Services


CCW Classes

Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

 We  offer classes in Concealed Carried Weapons. 

The carrying of a concealed  weapon is allowed and permitted in the state of Nevada.
The class consists of one eight hour day held on a Saturday.
The  class is broken into two divisions with the first four hour block being  educational. The second division is weapon familiarities /safety and then  going out to the range to shoot.

Students need to bring:

1. Eye and Ear protection

2. 50 rounds of ammo

3. The weapon your going to qualify with.
Cost of class is $100.  Your permit is $105.00 paid to your Sheriff's Department.


Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers


Transferring a firearm 

with the help of a licensed Gun Dealer is an easy and a cost effective  way to transport that special weapon to family members, completing your  auction or sending that Grandpa's hand me down to a family member. We  can help from beginning to end.

Transfer services run $45.00 for the first gun and $25.00 for each additional gun.

The state of Nevada requires a background check charge of $25.00. (exception holders of a current CCW Permit)

As  of January 1, 2015, all transfers will need to pay 7.1% sales tax based  on the value of the gun. We use a written receipt for value. If no  receipt is with item, we use value based on list price.



Firearm Transfers



We  offer Consignment Sales and Services.  Consignment sales offer  the convenience to the seller of not having to advertise, present and  ship their weapon. Additionally, firearms can be sold in house or at  auction.

All  firearms are checked by our gunsmith before being sold, to ensure  safety and reliability. Firearms sold on auction are then photographed  for record and visual description. A written and complete log describing  the entire firearm including interior, exterior, serial numbers and  identifying marks. The firearm is now ready for auction.

After the auction is complete and payment in full has been made, the firearm is readied for shipping and sent.

Service cost for Firearm Consignment is 20% or $50 (whichever is greater)